The Sureway Group

The Sureway Group

2959 Hart Court
Franklin Park, IL 60131
Primary Contact: Tim Berger
(847) 801-3010

Since 1962, Sureway Tool & Engineering has been engineering and manufacturing metal products for several industries. Our company was launched under the direction of Rudy Hill of Niles, Illinois, as a designer and builder of stamping dies. Over the years the company has grown and evolved into a broadly skilled general fabricator. Today, Sureway operates some of the most high-tech and efficient machinery, providing dynamic solutions to its client’s needs through not only manufacturing, but through remarkable engineering feats.

Sureway was originally located in Skokie, Illinois at an 11,000 square foot facility. In 1996 the current President, M. Richard Tetrault, having worked with Sureway for over ten years, purchased the company from the Hill family. Following the acquisition and with several years of robust growth, the company relocated to a 37,000 square foot facility on Melrose Ave. in Franklin Park. With continued growth and greater ambitions, Sureway purchased its current 82,000 square foot location in October of 2005. We spent the next year making improvements to the building, purchased new equipment and completed the move, consolidating all of our resources under one roof.

From its beginning as a tool and die shop, Sureway Tool & Engineering has embraced change. Beginning with the inclusion of stamping presses to accommodate high-volume work, then to the fabrication of custom sheet and tubular products, and now CNC punching, multi-axis laser cutting, welding, rolling machines and more, Sureway has proven that it is a company with a penchant to keep up with the demand for superior service – to offer its customers a simple, dynamic solution to all their needs.

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