Quality Cleaning Fluids

Quality Cleaning Fluids

9216 W. Grand Avenue
Franklin Park, IL 60131
Primary Contact: Doris Dellegrazie
(847) 451-1190

Quality Cleaning Fluids and Manufacturing Co. has been delivering perc to Illinois dry cleaners and producing fine machinery for the dry cleaning industry all over the United States for over twenty years. We have recently expanded our customer base into Canada. Our founders, however, have been in the drycleaning solvent supply business since 1968. They have extensive knowledge of drycleaning machinery both old and new.

The concept for the Galaxy was created in 1995 and has been in the market place successfully for ten years. We are the originators of the Galaxy waste water treatment units and the Jupiter Pre-filter system.

Quality Manufacturing uses only the finest materials in the production of our machinery. All Galaxy models are 304-grade 16-gauge stainless steel. That is why they last year after year as drycleaners will testify. We frequently have drycleaners calling us just to tell us how satisfied they are with the Galaxy.

We have a model to suit whatever your needs might be. Galaxy waste water treatment units do the job well without breaking down and are reasonably priced.

Quality Manufacturing knows you will be completely satisfied with your purchase of any of our fine products. They all come with a full one-year guarantee.

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