Chicago Records Management, Inc.

Chicago Records Management, Inc.

3815 Carnation Street
Franklin Park, IL 60131
Primary Contact: Doug Peterson/ Mike Jurczykowski
(847) 678-0002

Established in 1988…
Chicago Records Management, Inc. (CRM) is uniquely qualified to provide large and small companies with all their off site records storage and data management requirements. We specialize in designing a system that’s right for your media and a retrieval mode responsive to your needs. Whether you need a file delivered in hours or a document transmitted by fax in seconds, Chicago Records Management, Inc., will customize and develop a program to meet your service requirements.

CRM is also positioned to facilitate your transition to the Digital Age. Their state-of-the-art Digital Imaging products can convert your paper archive into a fully searchable online digital application. Once scanned, your documents can be securely accessed from any computer on the Internet with nothing more than a login and password. You will be able to share access to your documents with multiple people. The system is also HIPAA compliant and fully auditable.

Adding to their ASP offerings, CRM offers online data backup services. Using free software, customers backup up their computers and servers over-the-Internet safely and securely. The product, eBackup, is designed to move data offsite every night automatically as well as relieve the customer from the burden of backup management, tape management, and tape expense.

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