Ozzies Deli

Ozzies Deli

11158 W. Grand Avenue
Melrose Park, IL 60164
Primary Contact: Ralph Ventuizini
(847) 455-0845

In 1930, the journey of Ozzie’s Deli began 4,800 miles away in a town called San Michele al Fuime, Italy. Osvaldo “Ozzie” Venturini, was the youngest of 7 children, growing up in the scenic village and worked hard in a machine shop in his early years. Ozzie had a growing passion for hard work, good food and a special lady named Carmelina.

Carmelina was born in France. She moved to Italy during WWII. Carmelina and her family had to leave her childhood home with nothing, they lost all that they had. Many years later, Carmelina and Osvaldo would meet and fall in love. Together they decided that the best life for them would be in America.

Carmelina found a local grocery store for sale. She encouraged Ozzie to put all they had into buying a 900 square foot store front. In 1972 Ozzie’s Liquor and Deli opened their doors for business. Together they learned to speak English and created many delicious sandwiches! Carmelina would spend her days making the grocery store and deli a success!

Carmelina and Ozzie’s family includes 3 boys, Ralph, Mark and Pat and a precious daughter Emily. Everyone in the Venturini family has put their hands and hearts into the store making it famous for the “WORLDS BEST SUBS!”

We are grateful to have such loyal customers that travel near and far to visit this local landmark in the suburbs of Chicago.

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